Creative storytelling through animation, image and immersive technologies since 1996.

Our Core Values


We have immense pride in our work and aim to bring the best quality from start to finish across all projects.


We always look for the most creative approach to problem solving. Our collective knowledge and creative skills has been able to deliver some of the most popular creative content in a wide range of sectors.


Together we are stronger. Through a collaborative and open minded approach to design and production we get the best results. We are able to deliver more success through shared goals and mutual support

Strive to Exceed Expectations

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Our Heritage

Established in 1996 by three talented and ambitious illustrators, with a vision and drive to be a great studio, we couldn’t have possibly known the fields we’d end up working in, the industries we’d bring our creativity to and the technologies that would take hold of our day to day lives, changing the way we work and our view of the industry we are still so passionate about 24 years on.

What started life as three ‘young’ men working with paper, pencils and paints from a small studio in Salford has evolved tremendously over the last 20 years and whilst the present team may not be exactly the same, the management and core team have been together throughout, building up a huge amount of experience and knowledge across IP development, Animated TV series production, 4D rides and Immersive Experiences(VR/AR) using cutting edge game-engine technology, now back in Salford, based out of the The Landing in the vibrant MediaCityUK.

It’s an evolution that continues to this day. While the processes and places may have changed, what hasn’t shifted is our initial vision and passion for our craft. On day one, we vowed to bring ‘quality’ to every commission we won, whatever the sector, whatever the platform.

On this website you’ll see some of the results of that ethos within images and case studies. We hope they showcase a little bit of our talent for illustration, animation, and general creativity, not least of which is all aided and assisted by some incredible staff and team members who are dear to our hearts! Some of whom have spent a lot of this journey along side us and are still here to tell the tale!

We hope Studio Liddell continues for at least another 20+ years, who knows what technologies and software we will be using to deliver the same core creative values we have retained since day one!

Who We are?

Studio Liddell has a world-class reputation for creating high-quality interactive visual content. Now in our 23rd year, we have expertise across CG Animated TV Series Production, Still & Animated Imagery for Technical and Commercial clients, 4D Attractions, Immersive Experiences including Virtual & Augmented Reality solutions and 4D Ride Movie experiences.  

Studio Liddell have been producing content for immersive experiences for over 10 years bringing extensive production knowledge to this fast moving sector.  Our next chapter of evolution is already underway, we are focused on bringing new and engaging content to existing platforms and continue to embrace new technologies to aid our interactive storytelling.


Ian Liddell
Joint MD and Creative Director
Ian brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the creative direction across all projects, including exciting immersive experiences.
Tracy Liddell
Joint MD and Producer
Tracy is joint MD and Producer at Studio Liddell where she manages the talented team of animators and creatives. 

Core Team

Peter Caddock
Director of VR
Dave Lawless
Head of Design
Ellen Shilton
Senior Digital Artist
Joe Ladley
CGI Generalist
Alex Copley
Senior CGI Generalist
John Hedley
Director of Animation


John Doyle
IP Creator & Director
IP Creator & Director
Chapman Productions
IP Creator
Artur Grzybowski
Marketing Partner