We were privileged to be tasked with producing an ambitious 360° projected CGI experience that was to be a key highlight of English Heritage’s multi million pound new visitors’ centre at Stonehenge - one of the world’s most important prehistoric monuments.



We were commissioned to produce a CG recreation of the world-famous standing stones which acts as the centrepiece to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre. As the stones are a protected monument there was a clear opportunity to recreate them using photorealistic CG in order to enable more people to experience them in some way whilst taking pressure off the physical site itself.



Using detailed laser scans of the stones, our talented team created a 3 minute film called “Standing In The Stones” that gives people the opportunity to ‘virtually’ stand in the centre of the ancient circle. Transporting them back in time to see how the site has changed over millennia, through the seasons and at the solstices, it gives visitors a chance to see the stones in a whole new light. The long awaited exhibition centre opened in December 2014 to rave reviews.