Emmen Zoo

Ever fancied visiting the Arctic?  Us too! Wouldn’t it be great to take ride around that amazing environment and experience the drama of one of the most enigmatic places on earth? 

Studio Liddell have recently been a key production partner on a bespoke stereoscopic CGI 4D Motion Ride for Emmen Zoo in the Netherlands, which offers visitors the chance to do just that.

Situated in the Nortica area of the multimillion pound tourist attraction, visitors are treated to a four-minute sensory extravaganza, integrating wind and water spray, as they ride their way through an Arctic safari, coming face to face with giant whales and adorable penguins.

Studio Liddell worked closely with Centre Screen on this commission from Jora Entertainment as key producer on the project, liaising with both companies from storyboard though to the delivery of all animation, rendering, effects and compositing for the film.

 As a leading creator of content for attractions from museums to theme parks to Virtual Reality arcades around the world, at Studio Liddell we love to get our teeth into projects like this. With our team of experts who specialise in 4D Rides, 3D Films, Immersive 360º Experiences, and VR & AR Integration, we have the vision to deliver highly creative and imaginative work, with international recognition.

As part of our commitment to the Attractions sector, we’re members of IAAPA, the largest international trade association of permanently situated amusement facilities worldwide. Founded in 1918,  IAAPA exists to help members from across the industry in 99 counties improve their efficiency, marketing, safety, and profitability while maintaining the highest possible professional standards. Our membership helps us in fulfilling our mission to be at the forefront of the Attractions sector and achieve our aim of bringing the out of the ordinary to life.

Emmen Zoo

Andrew Jones