Happy 21st Birthday Studio Liddell!

Once upon a time there were three talented and ambitious illustrators - Ian, Jon and Andrew, with a vision, drive and a passion to tell stories through creative content.  

With a little inspiration from top illustrator Tom Liddell the father of Ian and Jon and a tutor of all three, they set out on a quest to become a top production studio. 

What started life as three ‘young’ men working with paper, pencils and paints from a studio in Salford has transformed into a business invested in Animation, Virtual Reality, 4D rides and bleeding edge technology, all from our two Manchester bases. It’s an evolution that continues to this day. 


In 1996 Studio Liddell was born and 21 years on, our story is picking up pace.            

Like all good stories, there’ve been many twists along the way, with new adventures at every turn and some truly talented creative heroes joining our team. 

We’ve seen the industry change before our eyes and we’ve worked hard to be at the forefront of innovation, providing high quality visual content across animation, image and immersive technologies. 

The next chapter? We’re constantly evolving and we can’t wait to see what happens next.





Andrew Jones