Ofcom today announced a change to an important quota for CBeebies, the BBC’s hugely popular pre-school channel. At the moment no more than 20% of CBeebies airtime can be “acquired” programmes, and the other 80% must be “originated” programmes. This will now change to 30% and 70%, a small boost for UK independent animation producers.

Along with the newly introduced Animation tax relief, this is welcomed news for the UK’s independent animation producers, allowing the BBC to acquire 10% more external content than before.

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You have probably noticed a new trend in the Augmented Reality space with the increase of user controlled interactivity, we wanted to create a test piece that took a standard AR demo from “so what” to “that’s cool” whilst pushing the image quality and testing marker technology. We utilised 3D Studio Max for the modelling & animation and Qualcomm Viewforia to handle the AR side of things.

Our good friends at Yippee! gave us Chuck, the star of their acclaimed app Chimpact and we gave our audience control of where our primate friend ran to at the touch of the screen, you can also daze Chuck but sometimes you’ll get a rude response! Feed him a couple of bananas though and he’ll be your friend again!

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Whatever your tipple, we’re able to create realistic and beautifully controlled liquid simulations like you see here. Using 3D Studio Max and Realflow we have recently created two animations, one of a Baileys bottle and another of a reverse explosion of a Beck’s Bottle let us know what you think in the comment box below..

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We are a talented bunch of creatives based in the heart of Manchester. Simply put, we craft stunning still, moving and interactive images for multiple platforms.

In these hallowed pages we invite you to take a sneaky peek behind the scenes of our studio, we will show you how we created some of our latest productions and R&D pieces. If that wasn’t enough we will throw a few tutorials and useful industry related morsels in for good measure.

Feel free to bookmark us, pop back regularly and give us feedback where relevant. This blog is for you, the reader, so if you want to know more just ask.